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New pulp mill to Uruguay: possibilities for Finnish technology expertise

UPM is planning to invest USD 4 billion to a pulp mill in Uruguay. The new pulp mill would be producing 2 million tons of pulp. The construction for the pulp mill would start in November 2018 and production in 2020.

Relevant offering

technology for wood preparation, fiber separation, and bleaching

downstream refining, bleaching

facilities to produce and reclaim chemical agents used in the pulping process collect, process, and burn lignin and waste wood to produce energy remove and treat wastes from process water before release into the environment.

Possibilities in infrastructure projects

It has been calculated that the new pulp mill would be creating 8.000 direct and indirect jobs. The government of Uruguay believes that the new pulp mill could boost the economy by 2% - 2.5% of GDP. However, one of the conditions to concrete pulp mill project is that Uruguay invests USD 1 billion for better infrastructure. This opens possibilities also for Finnish infrastructure companies in: building 220 km of highway routes building railways to the port in Montevideo construction of a new cargo port.

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